So much software exists simply because it has to. Or, perhaps more correctly, because someone thought it had to. Often it creates more problems than it solves. Rinse and repeat. This is not how it has to be.

You have real business problems to solve. You want to grow. You want to make money. You want to create something excellent. You want to do something worthwhile.

It's hard to do these things when you have to develop a manual process to transfer data between two systems that won't talk to each other. Or when your users spend more time figuring out how to do something than actually doing it.

We believe technology truly does have to power to help you achieve those goals. But it has to start with your goals at the forefront. And it has to consider the realities your end-users face.

VoxDynamic specializes in:

  • Web Application Design & Development
  • Mobile Application Design & Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Brand Development
  • Logo/Graphic Design

We strive to be technology agnostic, but have unique experience with the following:

  • DNN (DotNetNuke)
  • WordPress
  • Knockout.js
  • SumTotal
  • Moodle
  • Totara
  • ScormCloud
  • Qualtrics Integration
  • Asana Integration
  • Gitlab Integration
  • Credly Integration
  • PDF Generation
  • E-Learning
  • Audio (software, hardware & production)
“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.” - Bill Gates

Let's make something excellent:

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